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COVID-19 Stories: A Wedding Planned in Only 7-Hours

Kenna + Jason | Mar 22, 2020

Plans for a destination wedding changed quickly due to COVID-19 into an intimate and dreamy mountain wedding with just seven hours of planning.

You can’t make this kind of story up. This love story began at summer camp 15 years ago for Kenna Ehman, co-owner of local South End salon, Kenna Kunijo, and Jason Muffett. They became best friends, then Kenna dated Jason’s brother. Jason didn’t date much but when he finally got serious with someone, Kenna realized she was in love with him. Timing was everything for these two as they both found themselves single at the same time… and quickly made the move to become something serious.

They planned a small, romantic destination wedding in Barcelona on May 29. However, with the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic upon them they made a same day decision on March 22 to get married just a short seven hours and two minutes (hey, every minute counted at that point!) later. Like we said, you can’t make something like this up.

So, how exactly does one pull off a seven-hour same-day wedding in the middle of a pandemic? Luckily, Kenna spilled all the details to us while she was a guest on our podcast this week.

We’re going to do the best we can to lay out the game plan.

1.     Decide to get married that day.

For Kenna, this happened at 10:58 am that morning.  

2.     Get your guests, or at least your VIP local guests, on board.

In physical attendance at Kenna and Jason’s wedding were her “second family” and the hosts of the wedding, her goddaughter and her family, her business partner who was her maid of honor, her business partner’s sister and one other friend. Plus, her wedding planner!

3.     Call your photographer and videographer.

For Kenna, her videographer packed up immediately, but her photographer couldn’t make it. Kenna’s “sister” from her second family happened to be a local influencer who was able to get the photographer from her team to stand-in.

4.     Find your other wedding essentials.

Kenna called a friend who doubles as a baker. She had an extra cake laying around and sent her wedding planner to pick up the cake two hours later.

“It was the sweetest little white, round cutting cake with my favorite Bible verse on it in hand-iced writing,” she said.

5.     Pack up and head to your location. 

In Kenna’s case, drive to the mountain house of the family who has been like a second family to you.

When she arrived, the house had been set up in the most romantic, intimate ceremony space thanks to her “sisters.” In the courtyard on the side of the house wooden cross back chairs faced a crisscross double panel backdrop decorated with a single stalk of greenery, pampas grass and an assortment of blue and peach florals. A small rustic wooden end table held the wine for a blessing during the ceremony. There were white candles and rose petals lining the aisle and market lights up above.

6.     Find flowers.

Kenna walked the property to pick up extra flowers and greenery to add to the leftover flowers she luckily had from a photoshoot the day before. She used those flowers to decorate a floral backdrop at the ceremony and bouquets for herself and her maid of honor.


7.     Set up a way for your remote family and friends to “attend.”

Kenna set up a Zoom for all her remote family to watch. Her friend also streamed it on Instagram Live live so her friends knew where they could follow along, too.

8.     Walk down the aisle.

At 6:00 pm that evening, Kenna’s second “dad” walked her down the aisle… in a scooter,

none the less, as he was preparing for surgery on a torn ligament the next day.


9.     Celebrate!

All of the guests each brought a plate and the evening turned into a potluck style dinner.

“I never dreamt of a potluck style dinner,” Kenna said. “But it turned out perfectly.”


Listen to the full episode by clicking HERE.



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