Create A Tropical Escape

Transport your wedding guests to a tropical oasis all without the long plane ride

With bright colors and an island feel, the latest trend in weddings is bound to transport your guests to a Caribbean retreat! If you are looking for something a little different, escape to the islands on wedding day, without the hassle of the travel.

Pick Bright Colors

Choosing the right colors is key to setting that tropical vibe. Bright and lively colors, like pink or coral and citrus or lime are perfect. Incorporate your selected color all throughout the wedding day from the flowers to the linens to the bridesmaids dresses. 

Use Tropical Flowers

Aside from using bright colored flowers, also go with island inspired blooms like plumeria, hibiscus, lilies and king protea. Truly any flower can take on a tropical feel in a bright color!

Keep bouquets natural and flowy and choose brighter greenery, like leather ferns and palm fronds. Even palm fronds alone will remind guests of palm trees and make the perfect statement.

Find The Right Space and Decorate Accordingly

Look for a venue that has more of a garden vibe, the natural environment and outdoor greenery is key. An arboretum or a venue with a focal water piece would be ideal. Once you’ve found the perfect place, accent with the right décor to really make a lasting impression.

If you are not using an outdoor venue, natural light will be key. When you think tropical you don’t think brick walls and dark space, do you? Your tropical floral arrangements will really be doing all the work to transport your guests to the island oasis, but you can help enhance the feeling with things like colored linens and napkins. Floral accented dinnerware and paper goods are the perfect details to really drive home that island feel.  

Serve It Up

Nothing says island vacation more than a colorful fruity drink. Create a specialty cocktail and really go that extra mile to make sure your guests enjoy themselves. Bonus points if the drink has flower petals in it!

Dress the Part

Imagine if you were to actually get married on an island, you probably wouldn’t be wearing a big poufy wedding dress like you would in aclassic wedding (or maybe you would, which is totally your prerogative!). So, dress the part. Something a little more sleek and fitted would fit the tropical style but it’s more important that you love whatever dress you choose, on theme or not! 

Regardless of your dress choice, you can add in a pop of tropical-ness with bright color accents like with your shoes, lipstick shade and even a bright colored floral hairpiece!


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