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Dancing on the Mountaintops

Kelly + Matt |

A mountaintop engagement session for an adventurous couple near Charlotte, North Carolina

In the current world of dating, dating apps are becoming more and more popular and successful, at that. It was certainly successful for Kelly and Matt who met on an app in January 2017. 

The first date wasn’t even over before Kelly was texting her then roommate that she thought she might have found the one. It didn’t take Matt much longer to also tell his then roommate the same thing.

“During our first date, I texted my best friend and told her, ‘I think this is my guy,’” said the bride-to-be. “I felt an overwhelming at peace feeling when I was with him and just knew!”

Matt knew it would be difficult to surprise Kelly with an engagement, but he was determined to make it happen. After just over a year of dating, Matt went to Kelly’s dad to ask for his permission to marry Kelly. Three months later, Matt was still waiting for the perfect moment. 

“We had been talking about marriage for a while and Matt knew how hard I would be to surprise,” Kelly explained.  “He actually asked my dad if he could marry me back in February and come May my dad was wondering if Matt had changed his mind!”

Matt certainly did not change his mind and in June, he finally had the perfect plan. After spending the day helping Matt’s sister move, the three of them made a plan to meet at Freedom Park in Charlotte to relax a little. They did this often, so Kelly didn’t think anything of it. She still didn’t think anything of it even after Matt suggested she change into jeans to go to the park in, rather than the workout pants she usually wears. Which she didn’t do, by the way.

While waiting for Matt’s sister to join them, the couple started talking about the next trip they would take together since they love traveling. They were looking at a map with some locations Matt had made some notes on when Matt suddenly claimed he forgot one. He went back into his backpack to pull out another map and handed it to Kelly. Puzzled, Kelly looked at the map of North Carolina she was handed and before she realized there was an engagement ring drawn around Charlotte, Matt was down on one knee with a real engagement ring in his hands.

After the proposal, the couple went to their favorite dinner spot for sushi and then back to the very first spot they went on a date, where Matt surprised Kelly with all their family and friends waiting to celebrate with them. 

When it came time to do engagement pictures, they knew the mountains would be the perfect spot. 

“We chose the mountains because they have always been one of our go-to adventure spots,” said Kelly. “The peaceful feeling that we have when we are in the mountains reminds us of the ease and peace we feel in our relationship and therefore we just knew we had to get our pictures taken there!”

When Matt pulled Kelly into his arms and started dancing with her on the mountaintop, it was a moment Kelly will never forget and luckily, thanks to Sunshower Photographshe never can. 

“There were only a few other people at the lookout, but we were the only two actually out on the ridge and it really felt like the world had stopped in that moment,” Kelly said. “It was a great intimate memory to share with my fiancé and I’m so glad it was captured on film.”

Sunshower Photography scouted out the perfect spots to capture the most amazing pictures. It wasn’t just the backdrop and scenery that made the pictures so amazing, but the love and emotion that was captured so perfectly on camera. 

We can’t wait to see the love and emotion that is captured on their wedding day!

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