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Dockside Engagement Session

Maria + Ross |

Southern engagement session with a coastal color palette and waterfront views at the Isle of Hope Marina in Savannah, Georgia

Maria and Ross spent their first year of physical therapy school just being friends and classmates that sat across from each other. At the end of their second semester, it was decided that a bunch of people would get together for a Christmas celebration. However, with the craziness of exams, most people forgot and fled home for the holidays.

“The evening of Christmas festivities was a go, but it ended up just being the two of us,” said Maria. “What felt like an interview was a friendship being born, and later much more.”

Their relationship blossomed, and on a weekend with Ross’s brother and sister-in-law, Ross had a special plan in mind. He and Maria strolled through Savannah showing them some of their favorite sites - finishing off the tour where they had their very first date. As she was taking their photo, Ross reached for the ring in the camera bag before asking for an early anniversary picture - and there it happened. He dropped to one knee, and asked her to marry him!

“I’m sure there were some other words said, but I’m pretty sure the shock got the best of me,” said Maria, “and the surprises didn’t stop there!”

On the way to see her family, Maria expressed with sadness that Ross’s family wasn't going to be in town. To her surprise, there was a huge engagement party at her home waiting for them! Seeing all their faces came as a shock, and brought on all the tears. The evening was full of laughs, oohs and ahhs over the ring, and of course - wedding plans!

They captured their engagement photos just minutes from downtown Savannah’s Historic District, at a charming marina nestled on the edge of the Intracoastal Waterway. Surrounded by rustic wooden docks, enchanting neighborhood streets and moss-draped live oaks, it was the ideal setting for this couple. Both grew up on the water and dream to have their own waterfront, humble abode, so after mentioning their love for Savannah’s trees and coastal living, Brittany McCool Photo knew exactly the place. 

“Ross and I have ridden through the area many times and we’ve dreamed of even living here,” said Maria. “When Brittany mentioned the marina, we couldn’t have been more excited to have our pictures at the beautiful location.”

For the photoshoot, they decided to each wear one nicer look, followed by two more casual and carefree looks. To kick off the shoot, Maria wore a white, long-sleeved mini dress with ruffle detailing and a flowy silhouette. Ross donned a crisp blue button down with khaki slacks - both glowing in coastal hues that paired gorgeously with the picturesque setting.

“We wanted both of our looks to be ‘us’ and timeless,” said Maria. “We wanted it to complement the atmosphere, but also make us stand out from the beautiful scenery.”

The couple strolled hand-in-hand through wooded trails, historic neighborhood and waterfront streets, all lined with live oak trees blanketed in Spanish moss. The atmosphere was romantic and intimate, and even reminded them of their ideal weekend - which they agreed is a weekend they’re off from school, and on water of some form.

“We’d wake up early for a bike ride around the island,” said Maria, “and we’d follow that with a boat ride cruising around the island and beaches.”

They made their way toward the docks in their second looks, sporting more laid-back ensembles. Maria glowed in a pale banana yellow slip dress and block heels, while Ross looked dapper in a pale seafoam green collared shirt and white shorts. Despite a minor wardrobe malfunction, every detail was in place for the dockside series of photos.

“When you’re having a photoshoot, there’s no doubt to be some hiccups here and there,” said Maria. “We were in our second outfit, and the strap of my dress broke, can you believe it?”

Brittany McCool Photo was a champ and helped hide the mishap, and the couple carried on with so much charisma and ease. They held each other close on the edge of the marina’s dock, while rows of boats buoyed slowly in the water. The rustic racks of blue and yellow kayaks in the backdrop combined with the romantic coastal elements created the perfect sneak peek of their future wedding day.  

“We’re getting married in a barn on a farm that’s the right amount of rustic with modern elements,” said Maria. “We want our wedding to be timeless and classic - going with a lot of white linens, white flowers, loads of greenery, glassware, and different metal finishes.”

They wrapped up the shoot in complementary outfits, both radiant in baby blue and ivory hues. Maria wore a cropped, chambray shirt with a peplum hem and white skinny jeans, while Ross sported khaki shorts and a blue plaid button down, with hints of green and lilac accents. They strolled past pastel homes and white picket fences, before settling down on the edge of the dock. 

“When we took our photos, even amongst the craziness of the quarantine, it was our moment,” said Maria. “Though Brittany (our photographer) was working her magic and orchestrating the whole session, it was a moment in time...It was our world.”

Every shot captured was full of love and representative of their personalities as a couple. Their love shone through as they smiled ear-to-ear and locked eyes, and with every kiss, twirl and playful touch,  they were the only two people in the world.

“This session is ALL about you, and should represent you,” said Maria. “Get you an amazing photographer (like Brittany) that catches your vision or creates a vision that is going to best showcase you and your significant other.”

Best wishes to the future Mr. and Mrs.!

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