Family Grown Flowers and Family Baked Cake at this Warehouse Wedding

Mikaela + Isaac | Apr 28, 2018

Minimalistic and simple wedding with industrial style and pops of pink near Charlotte, North Carolina

Isaac and Mikaela were high school sweethearts. They met when Isaac was a senior and Mikaela was a junior and they were instantly drawn to one another. Following in their parent’s footsteps of marrying young, they knew marriage was a realistic option for them and they weren’t wrong. As the two were figuring out after college plans and paths, Mikaela knew a proposal was on the horizon.

On a random Monday, the couple decided to have a picnic at a local greenway. Mikaela had a feeling that this was it but convinced herself that Isaac was too calm the whole time that it wasn’t going to happen. That’s when she noticed the jitters started and a few minutes later, there was a shiny ring sitting on her finger!

The couple had planned their outdoor wedding for April, but three days beforehand they had to move it indoors. Talk about a whirlwind! The day ended up being more beautiful than they could have imagined. The minimalistic and simple style of the bride fit right into the new indoor warehouse venue. 

Mikaela spent the morning getting ready with her ladies. Having worked at a salon for the past five years, her wedding look was very important to her. She had her former boss do her hair, so she knew it was someone she trusted and believe it or not, she did her makeup herself.  

“I did my own makeup because I know what I like, and I know my face,” explained the bride. “Because my goal was to look like myself and to be comfortable and confident in how I looked, I made small decisions, like using individual lashes instead of the traditional ones because I hated the way it felt, I also wore my trademark red lipstick.”

She got dressed into her A-line tulle dress that had an illusion top and V-shaped back. She wore the same teardrop pearl earrings that her mom wore on her wedding day and borrowed her veil from her best friend. Both were something old and borrowed! Once her bridesmaids were dressed in their mismatched dark charcoal dresses, they headed to the ceremony. 

As guests took their seats, the ceremony began. Isaac, in a dark charcoal suit and black tie, took his spot at the altar. The groomsmen, with a similar look, just without the suit jacket, followed behind paired with the bridesmaids, who each carried a bouquet of eucalyptus and baby’s breath. 

Then, the moment came when Mikaela appeared arm in arm with her dad and a bouquet full of greenery and a pop of pink from peonies that came from her mom’s personal garden. They reached Isaac just as he wiped a tear from his eye and the couple made their way up on stage to stand underneath the arbor. The arbor was made from wood that came from the property where the bride grew up, was hand cut and built by her dad with some help from Isaac and a groomsman. 

The ceremony was one of the more special parts of the day for the couple. And thanks to Quilt and Color, they have the most amazing photos to remember that moment forever. 

“The thing I remember most is the peace that hit when the ceremony finally started and looking at Isaac the rest of the night in shock that he was my husband, not my boyfriend or fiancé, he was my man forever,” said the bride. “I'm still in shock about it now, to tell you the truth – it's my favorite thing.”

After the vows were exchanged and the couple shared their first official kiss as husband and wife, the guests were ushered into the reception space. They walked into the big open warehouse space and were wowed by how such an empty space could be transformed into something so beautiful. 

There were market lights and sheer drapery hanging from the ceiling. There were two large, light blue doors set as the backdrop for the head table that had market lights and floral hoops hanging off of it. There were pops of pink florals around the room and lots of natural design elements like wooden signs and chalkboard signs. 

On each table there were wooden slabs that candles, and magnolia branches sat on top of. The magnolia branches were more family flowers and from the bride’s great grandmother’s front yard. On the head table there was a greenery garland hanging in off the front of the table with a “bride” and “groom” white wooden cut out sitting in front of their seats. 

Everyone took their seats and the bridal party made their entrance, followed by the new Mr. and Mrs. The couple entered right onto the dance floor and shared a special first dance together. Then, for a new tradition they shared the dance floor, for the mother son and father daughter dances. We could get down with this tradition!

After a few short speeches, the taco bar opened up and that’s one dinner we wish we were invited to! Not just for the tacos, but for the dessert. Holy cow, the dessert display was out of this world. The display took up three – yes, three – tables. The first table was the actual wedding cake, made by the groom’s grandmother. It was a two tier, partially naked cake. It was surrounded by clusters of pink roses, baby’s breath and greenery on the cake and in vases surrounding the cake. The second table was a strawberry shortcake display. There were a few different choices of flavored pound cake next to a big bowl of strawberries and a big bowl of whipped cream. Last but not least, on the final table was an assortment of cakes and bites. 

Everyone must have been on a sugar high, because after that the dance floor was packed until the very last minute. Before everyone headed outside to see the couple off, they grabbed the cutest vile of wildflower seeds labeled “let love grow.” Outside, everyone gathered to see the new couple as they got into their balloon filled car and drove off.

Congratulations to the newlyweds!

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