Fun Loving Couple Got Meowied

Tara + Jason | Jun 11, 2017

Pink and purple palette wedding with personalized touches at Alexander Homestead in Charlotte, North Carolina

All good stories start with a cocktail– at least in our opinion – and that was no exception for Jason and Tara’s proposal. The couple always had a strong tie to cocktails, whether it was hosting a cocktail party or Jason behind the bar at a local music venue, it was a part of them. Wherever they went, they always found a fun new cocktail bar to explore. And they’ve found some pretty cool ones with secret phone entrances and storm stimulators. 

Of course, it only made sense that when Jason proposed, it involved cocktails. The couple went to a local, swanky cocktail bar inside the Ritz Carlton Charlotte and that’s where Jason popped the question. 

Jason and Tara’s wedding day was full of so many special touches that were a true testament to their fun loving personalities. Not to mention, their love of cats, particularly their two cats, Walter and Hank. The purples and pinks used in the color palette were just right for the June wedding and set the tone for their bright and colorful, end of spring, almost summer wedding. 

The couple spent the morning getting ready at their own home, each in separate rooms, of course. Tara put on the finishing touches of her birdcage veil and deep lip color before slipping into her wedding dress. The gown was a beautiful A-line dress with a V-neckline and lace straps. It had an open back and some button detailing on the back. And when we learned that it was actually made from her mother’s wedding dress, our hearts melted. 

After Jason was suited up in his textured grey suit, white dress shirt and purple polka dotted bow tie, he took his spot in their living room, facing the window, waiting for Tara to enter the room. 

Tara tapped Jason on the shoulder and in that moment, he saw his future wife looking more beautiful than ever. Rob + Kristen Photography captured the raw love and emotion so perfectly and we love that the whole moment took place in their own house. Walter and Hank (yes, their cats) were not to be forgotten and joined the couple for a few pictures before Jason and Tara headed out. 

When the couple arrived at the venue, they were welcomed by the sweet sight of a beautiful, sunny day and white folding chairs along the perfectly manicured lawn. Lining the paver walkway were shepherds hooks from which a piece of stained glass, handmade by bride, hung.

Once guests arrived and took their seats, the bridal party began making their way down the aisle. First the groomsmen who all wore matching light grey pants and vests but a mismatching purple or pink toned tie, then the bridesmaids who each wore a different dress in a different purple or pink shades. Then, Jason appeared walking hand in hand with both of his parents but when he hit the start of the aisle he hugged and kissed them goodbye and finished the walk down the aisle himself. 

Tara made her grand entrance also walking arm in arm with both of her parents until she hit the start of the aisle and then kissed them goodbye and walked herself the rest of the way up to Jason. The couple took their spot underneath the gazebo and the ceremony began. 

The ceremony was a true representation of their fun demeanor. I mean how many people have you seen do a unity painting and stop to take a selfie? It was more than perfect and exactly what they wanted. 

After the ceremony, guests were welcomed into the reception. The venue had a rustic feel that was brightened up with the bright color scheme. The walls were cedar lined and lead all the way up to the cathedral ceilings with exposed white and wooden beams. 

The round guest tables were set with white linens and a triangular folded purple napkin. There were escort cards at each seat printed in different shades of pink and purple paper. In the center of each table was a mirror with a square glass vase filled with hydrangeas. Around the mirror were smaller square vases filled with tea candles. There was also a mix of childhood and current pictures and little anecdotes about the couple – like their love of cocktails and cocktail bars that ultimately led to their cocktail bar proposal. 

Across the room there was a candy bar set with all of their favorite sweets. There were Sour Patch Kids, Twix bars, Reese’s and so many more. And of course, the Hershey Kisses were wrapped in purple to match the color scheme!

As if the candy bar wasn’t enough, there was also a cupcake tower topped with a small cutting cake, from the delicious Nona’s Sweets. The tower was filled with classics like strawberry, chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. The small cutting cake was white with a flower design stenciled into it. There was a cluster of flowers on top and cascading off the side for that pop of pink and purple. 

After the couple made their grand entrance they shared their first dance, and then they sat down to enjoy their first meal as husband and wife. Once dinner ended and the cake was cut, the dance floor opened, and the cat mania began!

Tara changed into white cat flats, added white sparkly cat ears to her head and partied the night away with her husband and closest friends. She even had cat ear headbands passed out, so her guests could match her. When it came time for the bouquet toss, she tossed a stuff animal kitten instead of a bouquet! And naturally, the wedding hashtag was #tandjgetmeowied and it fit the couple so well. 

When it was time for the party to end, everyone headed outside for a glowstick send off. But that wasn’t all, Tara changed into a gold sparkly dress and the couple ended their wedding night the way the proposal started, at a local cocktail bar, cat ears and all!

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