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Intimate Backyard Ceremony with Garden Gnome and Puppy Appearances

Betsy + Suliko | Jun 15, 2018

Eclectic family-centered backyard wedding with home cooked meal in Raleigh, North Carolina

Betsy and Suliko have known each other for more than six years and decided it was time to make things official! There was no formal engagement or engagement ring, but they both knew it was time.
Their intimate wedding was planned for June and couldn’t have been any sweeter. 
The couple was married in their backyard, right in the heart of Raleigh. It was the perfect celebration to break in their new home, which they had just moved into less than a month before the wedding! 
A friend from work, the place where the couple met, officiated the intimate ceremony. It was set out back on the couple’s lawn underneath a white arbor. There was an eclectic mix of chairs set out for guests, from Adirondack chairs to bistro chairs to white folding chairs. A string of bistro lights hung from one tree branch to another over the area. 
The bride wore an A-line silhouette gown that had a bejeweled top and chiffon skirt. There was a cream colored ribbon sash tied around her waist. She carried a small bouquet of hydrangeas and hypericum berries. Suliko awaited his bide underneath the arbor dressed in a simple black suit with a blue tie that had white polka dots on it. 
As the couple’s nephews presented the rings, the couple began to exchange vows. But first, Suliko pulled a little prank. When he took out his vows to read, a long scroll of paper fell to the floor as if he has pages upon pages written down! 
After the heartfelt vows were exchanged and the couple shared their first kiss as husband and wife, all captured perfectly by Rose Trail Images, the small group of 20 headed into the house for a home cooked meal!
Once everyone grabbed a plate of food, they enjoyed the meal al fresco on the couple’s back patio. One long family style table sat on the patio, so everyone could sit together. 
On the table sat two bouquets, similar to the bridal bouquet with hydrangeas and hypericum berries, on top of round mirrors. There were also two trios of pillar candles on top of the mirrors. It was a simple look for an intimate dinner. 
After dinner, everyone headed back inside so the couple could cut the cakes. Yes, cakes, as in plural, as in one chocolate and one coconut, both delicious looking. The coconut cake had a little glass swan trinket topper and the chocolate one was topped with chocolate shavings, chocolate candies and icing in the shape of hearts. 
There wasn’t just cake, there was also a candy bar! Little glasses filled with all sorts of candy, from Jolly Ranchers to Hershey Kisses to Gummy LifeSavers lined the table. There was also a snack bowl of assorted treats for guests to choose from.
We can’t forget about the two special appearances throughout the night. One from the couple’s puppy, Olive. You know we are suckers for a puppy. The other is from a garden gnome Suliko gifted to Betsy. It kept appearing in random places throughout the night as a fun little joke between the couple. 
The night ended with dancing on the lawn underneath bistro lights which hung from one branch to another over the space. It was romantic, intimate and perfect. 
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