Love Notes and the Lake

Bansri + Himanshu |

Bansri and Himanshu met through mutual friends on Facebook and hit it off right away. They talked on the phone and through social media for about six months before deciding it was time for their first real date to take place at Lake Wylie. After enjoying seven wonderful years together, Himanshu decided it was time to take Bansri back to the spot where it all started and ask her to start another beautiful journey with him.

On the day of the engagement, Himanshu had arranged for a series of loves notes to direct Bansri through what would be one of the most memorable days of each of their lives. He started Bansri’s day with a sweet “good morning” note that requested that she grab a nice brunch with her sister and her niece. Later that day, Bansri received another note saying to pamper herself and indulge in a relaxing manicure and pedicure. Finally, Himanshu had a dress picked out in Bansri’s room with flowers and one more note telling her to go to Lake Wylie for the big surprise of the day. Once Bansri arrived at the spot of their first date, Himanshu was there waiting and got down on one knee and asked Bansri to marry him. Overwhelmed with pure joy, she threw her arms around him and said “Yes!”. To make the moment even better, Himanshu had arranged for Bansri’s family to be there to take part in the joyous occasion. The happy couple will be getting married in India in February 2018. Congratulations, Himanshu and Bansri! 

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