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Love on the Lake

Candace + Matt |

Blue, white and earth tones set sail for airy, natural and timeless engagement photos on Lake Norman outside Charlotte, North Carolina 

Candace and Matt were introduced by a church acquaintance and Matt’s mom, who coordinated their meeting. You could say their first date was smooth sailing.

“Our first date was supposed to be lunch and mini golf, but turned into seven hours of fun,” Candace said. “We played Bananagrams by the lake for hours, just chatting and giggling. From day one, we found out that we were both very at ease around one another and always up for something fun.

”Matt’s eye for fun led to his surprise proposal. After having dinner with friends, Candace and Matt were heading home when they got a call from Matt’s mom, who asked if they could pick up glasses she’d left at a friend’s house. 

“When we arrived at the house to ‘look for the glasses,’ Matt took me around to the backyard, which overlooked a stunning view of Lake Norman. Not only that, but Matt had hung hundreds of twinkle lights around the trees of the backyard and there were also candles and flowers everywhere,” recalled the bride-to-be. “Matt got down on his knee and asked me. Lots of tears later, of course I said, ‘Yes!’

”From their first date to their engagement, the lake had special meaning for the couple, so they decided to have their engagement photos taken there. Also special was a certain boat the couple used in their shoot.

“Matt grew up on the lake with his family,” Candace said. “His dad purchased a boat the day he was born, so Matt and his family have countless memories with one another on that sweet blue boat.

”Matt’s dad passed down the boat to him, and it’s now become a cherished possession for the couple.

“Matt and I have also made countless memories on this same boat, and it is probably our most favorite spot in the entire world,” Candace said.

The first part of their engagement session was on the boat.Its blue and tan color scheme anchored the couple’s easygoing looks and blended with the natural surroundings.

“I picked a sky blue floral maxi dress that would be enhanced by the colors of the boat and mimic the movement of the lake,” Candace said. 

Her natural makeup and hair styled in soft waves rounded out her effortless look, while Matt coordinated with a blue button-down shirt and light brown pants. The couple snuggled, laughed and even went barefoot for a few shots in the airy and romantic setting.

The couple headed to shore for their second look. Candace changed into a knee-length white dress with metallic sandals, while Matt sported a navy suit with a light blue checkered button-down shirt and brown shoes.

“The goal was to be timeless, and this gave me that bridal feel that is so fun to have during this season of life,” Candace said.

Along the dock the photographer captured some more loving moments between Candace and Matt, and even a little dancing.The minimalist backdrop and natural light put the focus on the couple and this special time.

“They are such an easygoing and down-to-earth couple, so this peaceful, quiet spot on the lake seemed perfect for their session,” the photographer said.

Even Matt’s parents got in on the fun, hopping on their boat to sneak some photos from a distance. To borrow the nautical phrase, it was “all hands on deck”for this beautiful engagement session on the lake.

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