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Minimalist Engagement Session

Laura + Brett | Mar 1, 2020

Rustic landscape meets modern art and industrial architecture during this minimalist engagement session at the North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh, North Carolina


Brett and Laura had many mutual friends and ran in the same social circles all throughout their college years at Virginia Tech. Although they didn’t actually meet each other until spring break of their senior year, the connection was instant the moment they met.

“Brett made me laugh the entire time we were talking, and he could keep up with my sarcastic humor,” said Laura. “We had similar views on life and love, and it was just so easy with him.”

However, Laura was moving to DC and Brett was staying in Virginia, so timing was not on their side. Still,even though it didn't seem like the best time to meet their soulmate, they both knew they had to try to make it work. After several years of long-distance, the couple was taking a walk in historic Richmond and admiring the leaves, drenched in fall colors. Before Laura knew it, Brett got down on one knee and completely surprised her with the most romantic proposal!

“We supported each other's dreams and always put our relationship first,” said Laura. “He even arranged for both of our families to be in Richmond for the surprise ... and of course, I said yes!”

The setting of Brett and Laura’s minimalist engagement photo session was a captivating combination of modern masterpieces of art, beautifully manicured rustic landscapes and dynamic architecture. Between the contrast of their surroundings, natural sunlight, and airy style of photography by Adornment Photo, this photoshoot captured this couple’s love for one another in the most breathtaking way.

For their first looks, Laura wore a black and white speckled cap-sleeve sheath dress, paired with saddle tan leather riding boots. Brett complemented her in a dark button down, light khaki slacks and a pair of brown leather shoes.

They kicked off the session outside in the sculpture gardens, where the lush surroundings and gorgeous rustic landscaping created an enchanting backdrop. With the timing right out of the winter season, the vast, scenic grounds gave off an earthy desert aura with neutral tones.

Holding each other in the brush, Laura and Brett posed next to a towering sculpture of a silver tree - an iconic beacon of the museum and symbol of life, growth and unity. The metallic coat and geometric form of the tree reflected the modern elements of the museum’s architecture, while also bringing out the essence of the natural, desert-like surroundings.

Inside the crisp, modern galleries, an extensive collection of art provided a sleek setting for the shoot. There was floor-to-ceiling sheer white chiffon drapery, sculptures on white cubic stands, and large glass windows that allowed for strong beams of natural light. They posed for a few more shots before shifting into their second looks for the session.

Laura wore a hunter green knit sweater, dark wash denim and the riding boots for her second look, while Brett wore a dark gray quarter zip pullover, light wash denim and his brown leather shoes. Her dark hair cascaded down her back while both their faces glowed in the natural rays of sunlight, radiating love and happiness.

The couple made their way back outside, posing next to the building’s award-winning architecture, abundance of trees and crystal clear reflecting pool. At the foot at the pool, Brett picked Laura up, spun her around and planted a kiss before the sun disappeared into the clear blue sky.

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