Modern Wedding Style for The Contemporary Bride

Wow your guests with clean lines, unique décor and a contemporary feel

Modern wedding style is something that is definitely here to stay. Are you more of an city gal with contemporary style? Then this wedding style is right up your alley! Read on for some easy details to make your modern wedding style stand out.



When looking for a modern wedding venue something like an art gallery or museum with clean lines and white walls comes to mind. A venue that is in the city center with lots of windows, preferably a few floors up with a view. Even a restaurant with the right feel could set that modern vibe. Something with natural light, without question, and some chandeliers would be an added bonus!



Shorter arrangements rather than tall give off a modern vibe. Showcase centerpiece bouquets in low gold compote vessels. Bouquets should give off some texture with a wide variety of flowers types. Less darker eucalyptus greenery and more bright greenery, like myrtle. Orchids are a great modern flower, if you like the way they look, of course. A cascading orchid bouquet would be modern perfection!

The good news – color options are limitless with a modern wedding! Hanging tea lights or hanging flowers would be a unique style element to add. Instead of a traditional arched arbor, opt for a backdrop with clean lines or drapery. A ceremony backdrop is another great place to try a hanging element. 



To really drive home that modern feel, it’s key to pick the right contemporary décor. Geometric décor is really hot right now and it’s a bonus that it looks awesome. From incorporating them into centerpieces to the invitation suite to the cake, there are so many options. Use geometric geodes as flower vessels or candle holders. Have your cake with a geometric topper.

Also, acrylic just scream contemporary. Consider using acrylic for all your signage – escort cards, welcome sign, bar sign, hashtag sign, really any sort of signage you want to include! Also, acrylic invitations are super chic and an immediate “wow” factor for your guests before they even get to the wedding! 

Set guest tables to the nines. Include a charger (they even have acrylic chargers!), dinner plate, salad plate, water glass, wine glass, champagne glass, dinner fork, salad fork – you get the point!



You really can’t go wrong with a ghost chair, especially with a modern wedding. They add that extra “pop” of clean lines and contemporary feel. Any sort of gold metal chair will also add to the overall style and feel. 

Instead of traditional round guest tables, make the room look even crisper with the clean lines of rectangular or square tables. This style is also less common, so another unique design element to “wow” your guests with!

Give your guests somewhere to relax and kick their feet up with a soft seating space. Rent modern leather sofas and oversized chairs to add to the sleek feel.


Fashion and Beauty

Look for a wedding gown that is a little more fitted. An A-line style dress would feel most modern. Whatever you opt for, make sure you love it!

Mismatched bridesmaids – either in dress color or dress style – would really be the cherry on top of the modern cake!


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