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Personalizing Your Proposal: The Story of Cassie and Alexa

Cassie + Alexa |

When your significant other asks you to finally spend the rest of your life together, side by side, it’s definitely a big milestone and something you will both never forget. Learn how to pull it off to perfection and make it oh-so “you guys.”


Cassie spent her last weekend in Washington D.C. packing boxes to move cross-country to Seattle and . . . swiping. Swiping right that is. She decided to see who was available to hang with during her last few days and stumbled upon Alexa on the popular dating app Bumble. Alexa, a geologist, immediately captured Cassie’s attention for her career choice and Cassie promptly sent her a message via the app, “A geologist? That rocks?” To which Alexa replied, “Puns like these I cannot take for granite.” Match made in heaven? We think so. After surviving long-distance (Cassie wrapping grad school in Seattle, Alexa in D.C.), the pair eventually found their way back to each other in the nation’s capital, moved in together, and sealed the deal with one epic proposal on the mall’s famous Washington Monument.

So, how did Alexa make this moment one that couldn’t be topped and one the gals (and us included, of course!) can’t stop gushing over? Thankfully, she, along with her leading lady Cassie, joined us on a recent episode of the podcast and spilled all the secrets (you can also see more on their Instagram twofemmegems!).

We’re here to break it on down for you all.


1.     Have those deep conversations before the “big ask.”

Cassie and Alexa both agree that getting those toughie chats out of the way beforehand, like how they’d each like to raise kids, how to manage finances, where to live, made their proposal all the sweeter. They claim it made their proposal even more romantic because the only emotions it featured were pure joy and celebration. There was zero fear involved.


2.     Go with the flow.

Alexa had originally planned to propose at the Smithsonian Capsule on the National Mall but after realizing how many people were flitting about, oohing and aahing over it, and how much commotion it would involve, she did a full 180 turn and chose the Washington Monument instead, a spot which she thought would be more secluded and more about just the two of them. So note, initial plans will change or could possibly be thwarted but that doesn’t mean your proposal will be any less special.


3.     Listen to your partner.

Months before the proposal went down, Cassie mentioned to Alexa how in love she was with a particular photographer’s style (Mason Photography, to be exact). Alexa, taking a hint, called the photographer the next day and booked him to snap their proposal on March 20 which made the day feel even more personalized.


4.     Gather the troops.

One thing we immediately picked up from Cassie and Alexa. Don’t try to do everything yourselves on the day of! Use family and friends who are way more than willing to help everything pan out effortlessly. Cassie enlisted Alexa’s best friend to set up a picnic behind the monument so that they two engaged ladies could celebrate once the ring was in place.

5.     Buck tradition if you want to and focus on what is most important.

Alexa admits that one thing she found super interesting while scheming and dreaming up the proposal was this whole idea of tradition. As they are both women, they didn’t have a lot of traditions to follow and Alexa was okay with that and inventing her own traditions. She didn’t think she had to get down on one knee and even contemplated not doing it but in the end, she did just that. But again, it was completely her decision. Do what feels right. It doesn’t have to be grand, just authentic… Words to live by!

6.     Personalize it up.

No doubt the absolute cutest and most unique aspect of the whole proposal was the Mrs. Box that Alexa had specifically designed for Cassie. She ordered a slender velvet green box engraved in rose gold (the same color as Cassie’s band) and had the words “Magic Girl” inscribed on the bottom of it, as that was her long-time nickname for Cassie. Your fiancé is most likely going to keep that box forever somewhere like their bedside table so go out of your way to make that special, as well. It’s the little things that really add up to make the proposal one for the books.


Listen to the full episode HERE and learn more about these two darlings and their love story.

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