A Classy Downtown Raleigh Wedding with New Orleans Flare

Natalie Singleton + Michael Moore | Jan 14, 2017

Natalie and Michael met while attending NC State University. They lived in the same student apartments and every Tuesday and Thursday, they’d catch the Wofline from their complex to the gym; however, both were too shy to say anything to each other! Those bashful rides lasted for a full semester until a mutual friend finally introduced the two and they started dating and fell in love. Natalie and Michael had always wanted to go hiking in the mountains so one day, Michael randomly said, “Let’s go to the mountains this weekend!”, and Natalie agreed even though she had a cancel a long-time scheduled hair appointment. She’s glad she did though because Michael had a plan up his sleeve! After hiking several miles, Natalie and Michael came to a Hooker Falls, a gorgeous waterfall in the mountains of NC. Michael asked a passing couple to take their picture and then began digging in his bookbag. He pulled out a gorgeous ring and got down on one knee and proposed! Natalie said “Yes!” and they are thrilled to have been able to capture the perfect memory in a picture.

Natalie and Michael had a fabulous January wedding at the Sheraton in Downtown Raleigh. Natalie’s father is from Louisiana so the couple incorporated some New Orleans culture and flair with a lot of bling into their wedding theme. For their entrance to the reception, Natalie and Michael did a second line which is a celebratory tradition in brass band parades in New Orleans. Everyone was welcome to join the couple in the parade to dance, twirl handkerchiefs, or "do whatcha wanna"! It was their favorite memory of their wedding because everyone got so into it -- it really set the atmosphere for the rest of the reception. The couple continued the fun spirit by opting to have a photo booth where guests could take photos as wedding favors and have them printed with the couple’s logo on the bottom. Natalie and Michael both radiated with love and happiness and their day was a fabulous celebration of them and one that was full of fun and special memories!

Congratulations, Natalie and Michael!

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