Retro Themed 5-Year Anniversary Shoot at the NC State Fair

Amber Robinson + Carlos Robinson | Oct 20, 2017

Amber and Carlos celebrated their 5-year wedding anniversary with a super fun photo session with Rose Trail Images at the NC State Fair, one of the largest fairs in the country. The lovebirds were inspired by the desire to take more photos together so they have been participating in a 12x12 photo challenge which consists of them being in 12 photoshoots, in 12 months, with 12 different photographers – how fun! This was their first shoot and Amber and Carlos envisioned a 50’s theme because they absolutely love the era and feel a connection to it due to their parents being part of the Baby Boomer generation. The vibrant colors, flashing lights, and midway games provided the perfect retro backdrop and along with their vintage-inspired outfits, their vision was truly brought to life! The two had the best time eating cotton candy, playing ring toss, and sharing sweet smooches on a carousel. Being involved in the wedding industry as a wedding photographer and photo booth owners, Ambers says “We are always capturing the love and memories of other couples that we haven’t had many chances to star in our own romantic images.” They nailed it and truly had a blast celebrating this happy milestone in their marriage!

Congratulations, Amber and Carlos!

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