Rock You Like a Hurricane

Jenna + Jonas | Sep 7, 2019

Storm-proof southern wedding with elegant decor, a neutral color palette and vibrant pops of color at Cannon Green in Charleston, South Carolina 

Jenna and Jonas met in the winter of 2016, while working together at a local gym. After a few months, she finally agreed to hang out with him outside of work, and while sitting at dinner with him for the first time, she felt like she’d already known him for years.

“We had even joked about living together since we were both looking for a roommate at the time,” said Jenna. “Fortunately, that fell through, and we started dating that August.”

Two more years and a long-distance relationship later, they began discussing Jonas' dream to join the military. Knowing their dream to make that all happen together, they started the wedding planning process before they were even engaged. A few months later, they found their dream venue and set a date - not long after, Jonas got down on one knee and asked Jenna to be his wife!

“The moment was just as special as I ever could have imagined, regardless of how much we had already planned...It still all felt like a dream!” said Jenna. “It was officially our wedding year, and we were ready for it!”

On an unexpectedly magical fall day at downtown Charleston’s classic-meets-cosmopolitan Cannon Green, Jenna and Jonas tied the knot against all odds. That very weekend, a hurricane was projected to roll through the city - leaving the couple in a messy situation. They created their “Plan B” wedding, and even obtained their North Carolina marriage licenses from the courthouse, but ended up taking a leap to follow through with the wedding they’d dreamed of and planned over the past year.

“As much as a girl dreams about her wedding day, and even has a back-up plan for rain, who has a back-up plan for a hurricane?” said Jenna. “The Thursday before our Saturday wedding, the worst of Hurricane Dorian was projected to roll through Charleston, South Carolina, where all of our guests would be driving in or flying in from out of town - from across the country and across the world.”

When they arrived in Charleston the day before the wedding, the sun was shining and it was absolutely beautiful. There was hardly any damage in the city, and no damage at all to the venue. The ground was even completely dry in the park where they were scheduled to do their first look.

“All of our wonderful vendors pulled through to make our dreams come true, and more,” said Jenna. “It was such a huge blessing that we were able to live out so much of the day that we had planned.”

As Jonas waited for Jenna in the park for their first look, donning a Pantone blue three-piece suit, he couldn't contain his excitement. She emerged through the tunnel of moss-draped live oaks in a stunning, strapless ivory gown with lace overlay and a sweetheart neckline. Her sunkissed brunette curls were twisted into a half-up, half-down style and she added a pair of embellished drop earrings.

Following their intimate reveal, the bridesmaids and groomsmen joined the couple for a portrait session in the park. The ladies looked radiant in mist-colored sleeveless gowns, and they carried fresh bouquets full of ivory roses and mixed greenery. Jenna’s bouquet was a more vibrant arrangement of watermelon pink ranunculus, lavender salvia, lush greens and a statement King protea.


“The bouquet inspiration, combined with Cannon Green's beautiful modern garden vibes felt just right: a fresh vibe with lots of neutrals and greenery, brightened with pops of color,” said Jenna. “The wedding party was neutral, and between my bouquet and my husband's blue suit, WE were the pops of color.”

The couple and their wedding party boarded a mint green, vintage bus and made their way to the ceremony space, where the courtyard had been transformed into something truly enchanting. It boasted statuesque palmetto trees, a southern portico, twinkling string lights and an alluring live-planted wall. Best of all - the sun couldn’t have been shining any brighter.

“We really wanted our ceremony and reception to show our personality as a couple,” said Jenna. “We wanted our special day to be timeless, because it would be our own.”

After the guests took their seats in white garden chairs and the wedding party walked down the aisle, it was time for Jenna to meet Jonas at the altar. It didn’t matter that she didn’t change into the shoes she planned on wearing to walk down the aisle - all that mattered was being present in that moment with the love of her life.

“By the time we got to our wedding day on Saturday, we were so happy and grateful just to be there,” said Jenna. “We had been planning details for a full year, re-planning with some stress and panic the whole week, and were just ready to make the most out of every moment.”

With the majority of the groom’s family living in Denmark, and most of the bride’s closest friends and family spread out all over the country, and even in other parts of the world, it meant everything to this couple to have their loved ones sharing this moment with them.

“One of our biggest priorities was having all of our closest friends and family with us on our special day,” said Jenna. “We realized very early on that our wedding day could very easily be the one day of our lives that we have all of the people that are so important to us in the same place.”

Following the ceremony, the reception kicked off in a historic, industrial space featuring a vaulted ceiling with original exposed trusses, hardwood floors, exposed brick and glass doors overlooking the courtyard. Meanwhile, Jolie Connor Photography snapped a few more shots of the newlyweds and the bride and her father on the grand staircase, lined with floor lanterns.

When the couple of the evening arrived, everyone celebrated as Jonas spun Jenna around on the dance floor during their intimate first dance. Their guests joined soon after, and Bunn DJ Charleston turned up the volume on the rest of the night!

In the middle of the room, a whitewashed farm table was set with wooden chiavari chairs for the head table. There was a white chiffon runner and antique gold candle holders on top, with a suspended floral installation waterfalling down over the table, mixed with glass candles to create a whimsical ambience. The rounds were set with ivory tablecloths and floral centerpieces in geometric gold stands, and place settings featured classic silverware and glasses, elegant white dinner plates and creamy linen napkins. 

After tearing up the dance floor, Jenna and Jonas were ready to cut the cake. The wedding cake display was gorgeous and unique, with multiple single-tiered buttercream cakes on glass stands that varied in height and style. Each classic cake boasted textured icing and a cluster of ivory roses and mixed greenery on top. It was the most delicious ending to the perfect night!   

“I ended up staying in my comfortable shoes all night, Jonas and I got to smash cake in each other's faces, and we were so happy dancing with all of our guests that we chose to spend extra time with them rather than taking more night time photos like we had planned,” said Jenna. “Best of all, it was the day that we became husband and wife, and it was absolutely ours.”

To end the night, Jenna shifted into an ivory slip dress and metallic platform wedges, and she and Jonas linked arms and made their way toward the getaway car - while their friends and families blew bubbles and shouted well wishes for a lifetime of love and happiness.

We wish this beautiful couple a happily ever after!

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