Rustic Style Report

Natural inspired, country romance on wedding day

There’s no question, the rustic style is here to stay. What was once a trend has seemed to become permanent and we aren’t complaining. For all those country girls out there, and even those city girls who love the country, this style report is for you!


The right venue is key to that rustic feeling. It’s hard to make a ballroom feel rustic so you definitely want to start with the right setting. Of course, the first choice would be a barn – sliding barn doors, exposed wood pillars and beams – you can’t go wrong with that! If there are no barns nearby or available, look for something that still has those exposed raw materials. Something with outdoor space is also a great option; lots of woods and greenery would be perfect!



For the rustic vibe, flowers should definitely be more neutral colored, but the options are endless when it comes to type and style! Bouquets that are more natural and organic looking are ideal. Think less structure and more texture – use all different types of flowers, especially baby’s breath, to create that texture! Tie bouquets off with burlap or twine with loose visible stems.

Lots and lots of greenery will help create that natural look. Succulents are also a little more natural and rugged… a great flower alternative! For centerpieces, really play up the style and use mason jars and wooden boxes to hold arrangements.


Use wood for anything and everything! From the welcome sign to the table numbers to the guest book. If you are doing paper printed items, use Kraft paper. Use accent pieces like wine barrels or wooden crates as cake stands and to prop signs on.

Burlap isn’t just for the flower ties – use the material for table linens and runners or tie loose burlap to the bar – get creative! Consider incorporating lanterns and tree trunk slabs in creative ways like the centerpieces, entrance displays or escort cards.


First and foremost, farm tables. You can never go wrong with a farm table – rustic wedding or not! In fact, any table that exposes the natural materials will give off that rustic feeling. Same goes for chairs, wooden crossback chairs are a great rustic accent. 

Fashion and Beauty

Typically rustic style calls for lace instead of a princess ballgown (although, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel like Cinderella, so don’t let the rustic style deter you from the dress of your dreams!).

What’s a rustic wedding without some cowboy boots? Sure, they may get hot and sweaty to stay in all night, but make sure you bring them to snap a few pictures in!

Food and Accents

A quick shout out to naked cakes! This popular style is definitely a perfect fit for the rustic style wedding. When planning your favors think something farm-y, like honey or jam – two things that will totally enhance your rustic vibe!


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