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Set the Mood

Statement making trend with dark colors and edgy feel

With dark colors and a “rough around the edges” feel, the latest trend in weddings certainly makes a statement – in the right way! If you are looking for something a little different, set a moody tone to your wedding with these easy steps.

Pick Darker Colors
Choosing the right colors is key to setting an edgy mood. Deep and rich dark colors, like maroon or burgundy and navy or plum, are perfect. Incorporate your selected color throughout the wedding day from the flowers to the linens to the bridesmaids dresses. Choose accenting metallic colors in gold or copper for that perfect pop. 

Use Non-Traditional Flowers
Aside from using darker colored flowers, opt for something less traditional. Instead of hydrangeas or peonies, use a variety of wild flowers with all different textures.

Keep bouquets natural and flowy and choose greenery accents with a darker hue, like seeded eucalyptus and olive leaf. 

Find The Right Space and Decorate Accordingly
Look for a venue that has more of an industrial vibe, the exposed brick and concrete will help with that edgy feel. Once you’ve found the perfect place, accent with the right décor to really make a lasting impression.

Rely heavily on candlelight and hanging lights rather than natural light. When you think moody you don’t think bright and sunny, do you? Tapers, especially darker colored ones are right up that moody alley! Believe it or not, stemware and place settings can all be found in darker colors that really help to make a statement. 

Don’t forget to set the right first impression with your invitation suite. Look for something with rough edges and dark colors to set the tone right off the bat. 

Dress the Part
The obvious thing to do here is go for a completely untraditional look and choose a dark dress, but that is not something most people are willing to do. So, instead, add a leather jacket to your wedding day look for a more subtle edgier feel. You can also add in pops of darker colors with your shoes and lipstick shade.


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