Southern Boho Wedding at Catawba Falls

Dec 11, 2020


Colors: Cream, tan

Style: Boho

Florals: Pampas grass

Fun fact: All of the florals and greenery were sourced from the land the venue was on.


The details of this boho wedding came together after seeing the venue. The fall colors and serenity of the water inspired the photographer and planner. They went with a boho theme and earthy tones to complement the outdoor venue.

The arbor and floral arrangements were custom built by the couple’s wedding planner. All of the florals and greenery were taken from the space the venue was on, with pampas grass, pine trees, and various greenery. They also chose dried roses to accent their cake. They placed the ceremony space overlooking the Catawba River for the perfect golden hour shot overlooking it. 

The bride wore a beautifully beaded dress with a chiffon skirt and the groom wore a classic tuxedo with white and gold elements. The colors of their outfits paired perfectly with the natural elements around them.


The good vibes.

“Being with this couple felt like we were just hanging out with our family, we had so many good laughs and were able to break up the camera shyness very quickly.”

Creative Team

Sumosa Cake

Harry McLaughlin Photography

Hospitality Butler

Catawba Falls Events

Secret Society Film Co.

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