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Ten Years and Four Daughters Later

Valerie + Steven | Feb 16, 2019

Intimate burgundy and pink winter vow renewal ceremony at the rustic farmhouse at the Tipsy Goat Estate in Rock Hill, South Carolina

Valerie and Steve wanted to celebrate their love and commitment with an intimate vow renewal in front of their closest family and friends. The couple eloped ten years ago and since then, have spent their time raising their family and putting their four daughters first. So, for once, they decided to do something for themselves.

It was Valentine’s Day weekend and there wasn’t a more romantic time for the ceremony. Family traveled into town and gathered at an old rustic farmhouse with the most beautiful grounds. The house itself is more than 200 years old but has been restored beautifully. 

Alongside their girls, Valerie and Steve stood in front of the house’s fireplace and mantle that they had decorated. There was greenery dripping from the mantle with a few light pink blooms sticking out. Over the mantle was an oversized gold framed mirror that cast a reflection of the room’s gorgeous chandelier. 

Valerie wore a simple yet elegant long sleeve lace gown and light pink flats. Opposite her, Steve was in a grey suit,sans jacket and a burgundy bow tie. The burgundy and light pink tied into their daughters’ dresses and the flowers. Valerie and her daughters each carried a wooden flower bouquet for a special reason.  

“I used wooden flowers for bouquets for me and my daughters,” said Valerie. “We can keep them forever to remember the special day.”

The couple wrote speeches and vows to read to one another during the ceremony. It was sweet, simple and intimate. 

After reconfirming their commitment and love for one another, the couple strolled around the grounds for some private time. Amanda Moss Photography captured the couple’s alone time, so they could look back on the memorable day whenever they wanted. 

When Valerie and Steve returned inside, their uncle said a prayer over them and dinner was served. The couple enjoyed the time with their families who traveled to celebrate with them. They cut the simple two tiered white cake and enjoyed the rest of the night with those they love most. 

Here’s to 10 more years for the happy couple!


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