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The Theme of Love Paired with Handmade Details for Wedding Perfection

Anna Jones + Jackie Amanna | Aug 3, 2018

Same Sex Wedding at The Farm – A Gathering Place near Asheville, NC


Jackie and Anna met in college while attending Ohio Wesleyan University. They were both living in the Interfaith House at the same time and bonded over their spiritual journeys and their shared love of hiking, travel, art, and social justice. The two dated for three and a half years and knew they were meant to spend the rest of their lives together. 


Every year on their anniversary, Jackie and Anna had a tradition of hiking to the top of the tallest mountain in a new state. They had always agreed on a joint proposal and they knew the perfect way to make their fourth anniversary an extra special one! On the morning of their anniversary, they woke up before the sun came up and drove to the top of Mount Mitchell, the highest point in North Carolina and east of the Mississippi River. After they made it to the top, Jackie and Anna set up their love-seat camping chair and watched the sun rise in all its glory. As it did, Jackie asked Anna to marry her and Anna asked Jackie to marry her (swoon!).


Jackie and Anna’s August wedding was completely centered on the theme of love. They chose to be married near Asheville, North Carolina, based on their love of hiking and camping in the Blue Ridge Mountains. 


Anna shared, “Every decision that we made was guided by our love for each other, our love for our family, our love for our friends, and the love that we feel from all of those people.” 


Their wedding ceremony and reception took place at The Farm – A Gathering Place, an active farm that also accommodated Jackie and Anna’s guests! Prior to their ceremony, Jackie and Anna shared a true first look – they didn’t even know what the other had picked to wear! Anna chose an all-white wedding suit with a jacket that featured off-white flower embroidery as an homage to the traditional wedding dress. Also keeping with tradition, Jackie chose a flowy light gray dress with floral embroidery.


Their indoor ceremony was so meaningful and full of sentimental moments. To start, Jackie and Anna had their entire immediate family escort them down the aisle. The ceremony was personal as well – Jackie’s uncle officiated the wedding and their pastor co-officiated by leading prayers. A member of their wedding party (one of the “best people”) read a poem significant to Jackie and Anna’s relationship and another read a meaningful passage of scripture. After exchanging their vows, Jackie and Anna were thrilled to finally tie the knot! 


“The most anticipated moment was being pronounced wife and wife,” said Anna. “We both were excited about our wedding day but the most important thing to us was to start our journey in marriage. The funny thing is, that it didn't even sink in until after the ceremony when our photographer took us to take some photos together and asked us how it felt to be married. We both stopped walking instantly, looked at each other with tears in our eyes and huge grins on our faces, and embraced, realizing for the first time that we could actually call each other wife.” 


The reception was the epitome of warmth! Simple, classic floral arrangements (made by Jackie’s mom!) dressed the tables and were the perfect complement to the bright rustic space. Two of the couple’s best friends from college sang and played the piano for their first dance which was to “Can’t Help Falling in Love with You,” which was also Jackie’s parent’s first dance song.


A personalized guest book featuring Jackie and Anna’s engagement photos was one of their favorite things. Reading the sweet words from friends and family was so special to them! 


Another personal favorite detail of the day was the memory hutch they included that featured pictures of family members that had passed away. Guests were given rainbow colored heart pins to wear and even the kids had fun thanks to Jackie thoughtfully creating activity clipboards complete with crayons and fun things!


The night was amazing and so full of love! At the end of the perfect evening, Jackie and Anna ran through a sea of handmade rainbow streamers to start their life as wife and wife! 


Congratulations, Jackie and Anna!


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