Timeless and Traditional

Breaking down the classy, elegant and sometimes glam traditional wedding style 

Calling all Cinderella wannabes! For all those girls who imagined themselves in the big poofy ballgown, dancing underneath the big chandelier with white flowers all around. For all the brides looking for a traditional, timeless and classy wedding. Follow this style guide to make all your dreams come true!


When deciding where to host your classic wedding, a traditional ballroom would be the best bet. A venue with crystal or ornate chandeliers, and tall ceilings. Country clubs and hotels usually have the best ballrooms for that traditional feeling. 

If you are set on utilizing outdoor space in some way, look for a polished courtyard or garden. Something that isn’t too rustic or rugged. 



Arrangements should definitely be much tighter and use more traditional flowers, like hydrangeas and roses. The timeless look focuses more on the florals than the greenery, unlike some other wedding styles. Definitely use tall centerpieces in clear trumpet vases to make a statement. Stick to more neutral colors and a lot of whites.


For a traditional styled wedding, décor is a little simpler. Let the floral arrangements do the talking – for the most part. Accent the table with a full place setting, from a charger to the bread roll plate to the champagne glass. Also, fill the table with lots of candlelight in clear glass containers. 

It is definitely more traditional and a little more formal to do individual escort cards opposed to one large seating chart. It is even more formal to assign the actual seats at each table with a place card at each seat. Talk about ultimate elegance!

Choose an invitation suite that is more formal, maybe with a belly band. Engraving or foil stamping and hand calligraphy are classic touches for any invitation suite. A monogram is always a great traditional accessory for not just an invitation suite, but also for cocktail napkins or a gobo on the dance floor. At the ceremony, don’t forget an aisle runner and chair ties!


Stick to the classic look of round guest tables with chiavari chairs. Instead of a sweetheart or king’s table, opt for a head table. You and all your wedding party, no dates, will sit on one side of the table. It is super regal feeling!

Fashion and Beauty

You have been waiting all your life to feel like Cinderella, so go for it! A ballgown is perfect for a traditional wedding. And let’s be real, who doesn’t want to feel like a princess? Put your Prince Charming in a formal tux and accessorize with timeless pieces, like pearls for the ladies and bowties and pocket squares for the gentlemen. Also, keep things traditional with matching long gowns for your bridesmaids. 

Glam it up

Feeling more traditional but looking to add a little something extra? Glam up the traditional look with hanging crystals from tall centerpieces, pick gold or silver as an accent color and use it in décor like votives and a cake stand. Mirrors – from the cake stand to signage – also add a super glamorous touch to the traditional style. 


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