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Two Proposals and Two Churches

Mimi + Brandon |

Class, Style and Sophistication in this Elegant and Glamorous Uptown Charlotte Engagement Photoshoot

Sure, we’ve all heard from an aunt or grandma, “I know someone you need to meet,” but this time, Mimi’s aunt really meant it. And she was right… Mimi and Brandon were a perfect match! After being set up, the couple hit it off and the rest is history.

Brandon actually proposed twice! He had to do it a second time with a ring to make it really official. The first proposal took place one evening after a frustrating time trying to get a dinner reservation while hungry – we’ve all been there, the hanger is real!

Mimi had always talked about “a little chapel downtown” that she wanted to get married in. To try and distract her from being hangry, Brandon asked her to show him while they waited for their reservation. 

“We went down there and walked around the grounds,” said Mimi. “It was somewhat romantic because we could see the downtown city lights from the church grounds.”

When he got down on one knee at the church, Mimi wasn’t sure if Brandon was joking or not. Despite not having a ring, Brandon was most certainly serious, and Mimi said “yes!”

About a month and half later, the couple was at their church and, after services ended, Brandon asked Mimi to go to the altar with him. 

“I thought he wanted to prayed together or something so I followed with no thoughts of what we were doing,” said the bride-to-be.

Brandon started sharing some heartfelt words with Mimi and before she knew it, for the second time, he was down on one knew, only this time one thing was different – he had a ring!

The couple scheduled an engagement photo shoot for the beginning of September, unfortunately the same day Hurricane Florence made landfall in Charlotte. When they decided to still move forward with the shoot, they quickly worked to find an indoor location and landed inside the Omni Hotel – where they will be staying on wedding night. Luckily for them, this ended up being the perfect spot for their ultra-glam photoshoot by the talented Amanda Moss Photography.

The couple arrived in elegant attire. Mimi work a dark blue sequined dress and Brandon wore grey suit pants, a white dress shirt, an oversized blue velvet bow tie and suspenders. 

The hotel had so many perfect upscale locations that, combined with the couples attire, created the perfect mix of class, style and sophistication.

Congratulations to the future Mr. and Mrs.!

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Aria at Founders Hall
Omni Charlotte Hotel

Amanda Moss Photography


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