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Uptown Love

Mike + Ethan | Jan 4, 2020

Winter rustic engagement session with a neutral color palette in Uptown Charlotte, North Carolina 


After meeting on a blind “friend date,” Ethan and Mike’s relationship slowly evolved into something that was more than just friends. The more time they spent together, the more they both realized that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with one another.

“Their proposal was so simply them,” said the photographer behind Easterday Creative. “They had purchased rings around the same time, and decided to ask the same weekend ... but Mike beat Ethan to it. He asked him in the home they made together, and obviously Ethan said yes!”

On a crisp winter day in Charlotte’s Uptown area, Ethan and Mike spent their time where they both feel the most at home—the outdoors. Surrounded by nature’s beauty with the bright blue city skyline as the backdrop, it was a picturesque and oh-so them setting for a romantic, yet rustic engagement photoshoot.

Both Mike and Ethan looked effortlessly cool in plaid button down shirts, one in a blue and white plaid and the other in a red and blue plaid. They rounded out the looks with casual light wash denim and a pair of brown boots. Their adorable golden retrievers coordinated with the guys’ ensembles by wearing red and blue patterned bandanas tied around their necks. The cutest thing ever!

Ethan, Mike, and their precious pooches kicked off the shoot on a pathway with the skyline standing tall behind them. They walked hand in hand under a cloudless sky with the natural light of the sun beaming down on them, and their smiles beaming even brighter.

They ventured along the path until they reached a wooded area, which was the ideal relaxed setting for the laid-back duo. Once they reached a dreamy spot, they put their arms around each other and posed for some shots that captured how truly genuine their love is for each other. With each photo, their kisses, laughs and smiles were bigger, and they looked at each other with eyes full of joy.

As they made their way to different areas of the trail, the natural light got more radiant through the breaks in the surrounding trees and lush greenery. Fallen leaves crunched under their feet and their pups could not have been more at home next to them.

Their style was playful, making faces at each other yet still taking moments to nestle their heads into the crook in the other’s neck. Every shot was light and airy and perfectly representative of their easygoing relationship.

“Words cannot describe the fun and joy that was felt while traipsing up and down one of Uptown Charlotte’s favorite trails with Mike and Ethan and their two sweet doggos,” said the photographer. “They opted for a more laid back session with me because that is their personality—and you know how important it is to me to capture people’s true essences!”

After snapping a few more shots hand in hand, leaning up against a wall under a bridge, they took off with their four-legged companions to celebrate. They settled into a couple of seats at a nearby brewery for a beer to cap off a fun-filled photoshoot, clinking glasses to the their future ahead of them and to many moments they would never forget.

“I can’t wait until their wedding in a few short weeks!” the photographer said.

We are so happy for this beautiful couple, and wish them all the happiness we can muster.

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Creative Team

Easterday Creative

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