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Urban Asheville Shoot

Krystan + Dalton | Jun 30, 2019

Styled shoot with a 20s feel with modern and urban backdrops all over downtown Asheville 

With all the fun backdrops in downtown Asheville, the team behind this styled shoot wanted to showcase all of the different urban spots. They kept a 20s style with the attire and feel but modernized it with all of the locations they chose to shoot at. 

“The original thought behind the shoot was a 20’s style,” said the shoot’s photographer. “I was hoping to do a modern twist on The Great Gatsby but when we brought all of our ideas together,we realized we could do something similar while tying in all of our favorite Urban Asheville spots.

”What makes the shoot even more special is each vendor involved chose a location they personally loved to shoot at, making the shoot a little more special for everyone involved. 

“Each of the vendors chose an iconic place that we personally loved in Asheville and it was really cool because a little bit of each of our hearts are poured into it,” the photographer told.

The bride and groom’s attire definitely brought the 20s style to life. The bride wore a tea length vintage feeling strapless gown. It had a full skirt and a bodice accented with flowers. Her hair was left down in curls, with one side pinned back. The bright red lipstick sealed the deal for her vintage style. 

The groom wore khaki dress pants, a short sleeve white button up and blush pink vest over top. His boutonniere brought a pop of color to his look and matched the bride’s bright colored bouquet. Aside from the bright flowers, everything else was fairly simply so it wouldn’t clash with or take away from all the color backdrops Asheville had to offer.

“We knew many Asheville locations were filled with bright and colorful backdrops,so we didn’t want to take away from that by bringing in too much color of our own,” explained the photographer. “That’s when we decided the only pops of color,we wanted were the bride’s bouquet and lipstick,and the groom’s boutonniere and vest. The colors were bright, classy, and just enough to make the bride and groom stand out while maintaining Asheville’s iconic palette.

”The couple set out on their shoot around town and each spot was just as fun as the last. They started at a few colorful brick wall murals and moved in to a backdrop of bright turquoise doors. Then, made a stop for doughnuts, because why not.

Then they made it to the courthouse to actually celebrate their marriage and posed for a sweet pic with their pup; and you know we are a sucker for a puppy picture!

After making things official, they celebrated with champagne at a local bar where the bride added a flower and tulle headpiece to her look to spice things up a little. An indoor shopping area and a church later, they ended up in front of a local jewelers where they ran into a group of motorcylists that lent them their bikes for a few fun pictures. 

“My favorite moment from the whole entire shoot is when we went to the jewelers and saw a group of men traveling towards downtown on motorcycles,” the photographer said. “Our hairstylist, screamed to get their attention and they quickly realized what we were doing and turned around to join in on the fun!”

The day ended with another sweet treat from a local ice cream shop as the couple cozied up on a fun bright red bench and an ice cream sundae to share. Looking for the perfect photographer to capture your wedding day? 

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